The Real Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

The Real Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

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Many of us would like to lose weight to look and feel better. There is a whole host of options on the market that make inviting promises. Dropping a dress size in a week may sound appealing but is rarely healthy or even achievable. A six pack with no sit ups may also promise much but deliver little. But if you feel that you are making lifestyle changes but are not seeing effects, it could be time to reassess. There are several common causes for not losing weight, and some may surprise you.

  1. You’re Expecting A Quick Fix

Perhaps the most common cause of not losing weight is a lack of patience. Of course it can feel demoralising not to be losing weight with effort. But if we have only given ourselves two weeks to notice changes, then we are likely to be disappointed. This disappointment is significant because it usually de-motivates us enough to stop altogether. Any changes that we have made or were about to see the effects of will be lost. A quick fix approach is rarely the safest or most effective way to lose weight. Give yourself the time to allow your body to show results. Our bodies are exceptionally complex. Metabolism, weight distribution and bone structure all vary radically from person to person. What may create a fast effect for someone may not for us, and vice versa. We need to have the patience and determination to make changes that are sustainable. Stick with them. Your enthusiasm should be like a steady stream rather than a sudden burst. Aim to make lifestyle changes overall rather than simply visual changes. You will be far more likely to have success, and will feel better too!

     2. You Don’t Have A Three-Dimensional Approach

A three-dimensional approach to health, fitness, and weight loss is crucial. This means assessing every aspect of your lifestyle and making changes. Too many people make the mistake of making drastic adjustments to their exercise levels but none to their diet. Others might cut out all dietary nasties but still drink heavily on the weekend. Many will eat so little to lose weight that their workouts then become sluggish and ineffective. It is vital that you take a three-dimensional approach and ensure everything works in harmony. Some combinations can ensure 3x fat loss more than others. Seek advice and guidance where necessary to maximise your chances of achieving your goals. If you want to build muscle, your combination will be different from someone who wants to increase their stamina, for example. Try to see the full picture at all times and you will soon make the changes that you can see in the mirror.

3. You Hate Your Workout

Too often, people trying to get fit will torture themselves with a workout they hate. Weights aren’t for everyone. Cardio can be a nightmare. Yoga might be your idea of watching paint dry. If you feel like you’re making effort but not seeing results, do you hate your workout? Engaging in a long workout half-heartedly can sometimes be worse than none at all. It can cause us to overeat afterwards if we believe we’ve burned more calories than we have. Pick something you love and your progress will amaze you.

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