Do You Know These 9 Tips For Safely Moving Your Plants Outside?

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Do these 9 tips for safely moving your plants outside to help your plants thrive. 

Transitioning plants indoors and outdoors is a very important part of plant care. These 9 tips fro safely moving your plants outside will help your plants thrive. 

9 tips for moving your plants outside

Remember an earlier post when I explained how I was growing hundreds of pounds of tomatoes for our 2016 Grow Your Own Challenge? Well those little seeds I started are popping up and we are about to get our first real leaves of the season. This is a great time to do a quick overview of how to safely move your indoor plants outdoors. These 9 tips will make sure any plant you have inside will safely make the transition to outdoors. This applies to both potted plants and our new seedlings.

Jackson is helping with our seeds. Get ready garden! #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Ok, obviously the seedlings are going outside because they will be part of our garden. But why would we want to put our potted plants out? While it is nice to have plants indoors for air quality, decoration, or just to keep them alive in cold climates during the winter, it is often hard on the plants. Many don’t get watered enough and the air is usually dryer than they ideally like. Other plants like my citrus trees (I have a lemon and a lime tree) need to be outside in the summer to thrive. Which makes me happy because I love my fresh off the tree lemons! Below are 9 tips for safely moving your plants outside

Tip number 1:

For heavy plants like a tree or other large potted plant, avoid watering them for a few days to let the soil dry out. Water is eight pounds per gallon. Some of my trees will take in a gallon each time I water them. There is no need to add 8 pounds to something I have to lift up and carry outside! Don’t take this too far though, it’s not helpful if you stress the plant out. Just make sure it isn’t soaking wet when you move it.

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