You’ll Be Amazed At These Incredible Solutions To Health Problems

You’ll Be Amazed At These Incredible Solutions To Health Problems

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There are lots of reasons why you might be considering looking for alternate ways to treat medical issues. One in particular springs to mind. Research has shown the alarming likelihood of contracting an illness by going to the doctors or the hospital. You might even find yourself facing a superbug. These hospital born viruses are completely immune to antibiotics and are therefore virtually untreatable. At the same time, it’s worrying to think about just how many antibiotics people take and use. A recent report showed that the average american takes three meds per day. Suddenly it becomes clear why viruses immune to antibiotics are being born. By taking too many antibiotics, we are creating these viruses. We are putting our health in danger using constant medical treatment. That’s why it’s worth thinking about the other types of treatment. Aside from medical drugs that could help. Here are some of the best and most popular treatment methods that you may not have heard of or considered.

Cognitive Therapy

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It’s easy to think that a problem with health is to do with the body rather than the mind. Particularly, if there are physical symptoms. But it’s important to realise that mental issues can cause physical symptoms to arise. For this reason, you can’t assume a physical condition isn’t being caused by a psychological condition. Weight gain, hair loss, dry skin and other health issues can all be caused by a mental issue. That’s why it is worth thinking about cognitive therapy as a possible alternate treatment. Cognitive therapy allows the patient to work with a psychiatrist. They can then start exploring the route of the pain or even an illness. It can be used to treat severe mental health problems like depression. Cognitive therapy is widely believed to have positive effects on the body as well as the mind. Once the patient understands the issue causing their physical health problems they can handle it. Of course, not all medical issues can be treated using cognitive therapy. But you would be surprised by just how many physical problems have an underlying mental cause.


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Acupuncture has risen in popularity lately, because it has been embraced by celeb culture. Many celebrities have been snapped visiting an acupuncture treatment centre. Kim Kardashian in particular loves it as seen over at Acupuncture has been said to be able to help reduce stress and cases of physical pain. But how exactly does it work? Based on Chinese medicine acupuncture works on the principle that there are pressure points in the body. This is where the stress and tension build up. By placing needles on these points, you can reduce tension. It helps improve the overall health of the patient. The debate often rages on whether acupuncture should be seen as an actual medical treatment. But there are a number of supporters who believe acupuncture therapy works miracles. Be that as it may, it could still be something of a supersized placebo effect. But there is evidence to show that chinese treatments like this do have positive effects on the body.

Natural Herbs

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There are quite a few natural herbs and health supplements that are said to work wonders on the body. One example is curcumin, a type of ginger. As explained on curcumin has an effect on the body as powerful as any antibiotic. It plays a huge part in Chinese medicine and ancient remedies. Many believe that ginger in boiled coca-cola presents the ultimate flu cure. If you research this idea online, you’ll find plenty of people who swear by this way of treating the common cold. While it’s unclear how a substance as toxic as coke could e good for the human body, curcumin and ginger is a different story.

If you are facing a bad case of the flu, your best bet might well be too by some natural herbs and minerals. A famous case of using herbal remedies to treat illness is Andy Kaufman. Kaufman was a famous and brilliant comedian who rose to fame in the late seventies. After some time, Kaufman developed lung cancer. Allegedly, he travelled the world searching for a cure. Often using herbal remedies to try to prolong his life. Many people believe Kaufman succeeded in curing his cancer and faked his own death. The powerful effects of these natural remedies are still not fully understood. Therefore this notion shouldn’t be too surprising.

Body Manipulation

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Body manipulation may sound like a bizarre and intriguing medical treatment. But you probably know it under the different name of chiropractics or  even simply massages. Yes, it’s true some people believe the best thing for a bad illness is a good massage. By manipulating the body, you can reduce the tension in a way similar to acupuncture. We’re not sure body manipulation should really be viewed as a medical treatment. But it’s difficult to ignore its effect on stress levels. After a great massage, you can feel the tension melt away, and your body feels a lot healthier. You may want to have a look at for more benefits of a great massage.

Some forms of exercise like yoga also fall into the category of body manipulation. Participating in yoga, you can relax and rejuvenate the body through breathing exercises. Again, yoga has been shown to keep the body healthy and has numerous positive effects. Not just on the body but on the mind as well.

Steam Treatment

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One shouldn’t forget the benefits of a good steam when trying to improve physical health. We all know how sweating out a fever is the best way to treat it, and the answer is a good steam. But steam treatments have other positive effects as well. Steam treatments cleanse your skin and pores leaving your body cleaner free from nasty germs. A regular steam is a great way to stay in good health. It’s certainly something you may want to try before reaching for the antibiotics in your bathroom cabinet. You might be surprised by the positive results of this type of treatment.

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