Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookie

Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookie

Our ideal peanut butter cookie has to be big, crunchy just on the very outer edge and soft the rest of the way through.


We always favored the simple cookie recipe on the back of the peanut butter jar when we needed a quick fix, but we thought they could be even better. Keeping the recipe simple and using staple ingredients that everyone typically has on hand was important.

We also wanted these cookies to be big. Why make 48 small cookies when you know you’re going to eat five of them at once anyway? Just make them bigger and eat one (or two, or three)!


These monster cookies are sure to impress and it will be a recipe that you will keep coming back to. The beauty of these cookies is that you can add chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, peanuts, smarties, or anything else you think might work, it’s the perfect cookie base recipe.


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