Homemade Pork Liver Pate

Homemade Pork Liver Pate

This homemade pâté is rich in flavor with a hint of mushrooms and red wine. Absolutely delicious on a slice of warm toast or as a snack (appetizer) at your party!


One day while reading food magazine I came across a recipe for homemade pâté and I knew I was going to try make one as well. So finally the day has come! I have the liver on my kitchen work top and standing there reading the recipe I realize that I don’t have half of the ingredients for it! Imagine that! Have you ever been in such situation? Being so excited about one thing and forgetting the rest? Yep. That’s what happened to me that day! And because I really did not feel like going back to the shop anymore I had to improvise. So I did! I think I did pretty well considering it was my first time ever making pâté! This pâté has quite thick consistency but this can be thinned by adding more butter.


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