Tropical Bruschetta with Mango Curd

Tropical Bruschetta with Mango Curd

Sugar-crusted French bread Tropical Bruschetta, with homemade mango curd, mixed tropical fruit, toasted coconut, and macadamia nuts!

tropical bruschetta with mango curd 15

This Tropical Bruschetta is honestly to-die-for. It’s fruity and refreshing, and it’s a really nice, light, summery appetizer or dessert. It would be great as an appetizer for a brunch party, bridal showers, Mother’s Day brunch, or Easter (you know, next year). Or as a dessert at summer picnics.

The mango curd is slightly more subtle and less tangy than citrus curds because mangoes don’t have zest, so you lost a little potency, but it’s still flavorful, sweet, and tropical. I actually added the zest of an orange, and it enhanced the mango fruit perfectly. You don’t need to do that, but I think it’s helpful.

tropical bruschetta with mango curd 9

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