Awesome Blue Margarita

Awesome Blue Margarita

Feeling blue? Well say good bye to your funk and try my Blue Margarita! The intense blue lagoon color will make you think that you are on vacation even if you are not.

Blue Margaritas use Blue Curacao, a liquor similar to Triple Sec which is used in the more traditional Margaritas. You will not find much difference in taste, but the color certainly bring a new colorful dimension to your drink. It is important that you use only fresh squeezed lemon juice and not the stuff that comes in the squirt bottle.

Now, I always salt the rim of the glass, personal preference, but you don’t have to.  I also do not put ice in my glass as I feel it waters down the drink. Again, we all have different tastes. Shaken, not stirred!  Enjoy your Blue Margarita any which way  you want!

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