Dark Chocolate Amaretti Biscuits

Dark Chocolate Amaretti Biscuits

My twist on the traditional soft Amaretti biscuit, with a hidden dark chocolate centre.

Dark Chocolate Amaretti Biscuits 5

A few weeks ago for Easter Jon made his Mum a batch of amaretti biscuits as an alternative to the traditional chocolate egg. As he was making them anyway we decided to have a little play and try a few alternative flavours.

One of the ones we tried was to roll them in cocoa powder instead of icing sugar before cooking – dark chocolate and almond is such a lovely flavour combination isn’t it. This first attempt wasn’t perfect (I don’t know about you, but my cooking experiments rarely are first go, I’m more of an ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’ kind of person) but we were definitely on to something, so while Jon headed back to work after the Easter break, I took over the mantle of perfecting the recipe.

Dark Chocolate Amaretti Biscuits 1

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