Creamy Broccoli Pasta

Creamy Broccoli Pasta.

This vegetarian combo is a real nutrition powerhouse. Ready in 25 minutes, super versatile, and sooooo tasty!


‘Why would I eat a bowl of creamy broccoli pasta?’ I hear you ask. Well, aside from the myriad health benefits (and there really are a lot) it’s really quick – perfect for those short evenings after work. It’s also filling, satisfying and has a refreshing lemon tang to it – great for summer, or at least pretending it’s summer.

You can also change it how you like – its versatility is key here. Chuck in some olives, crumble over a bit of cheese (like feta) or add some roasted sunflower seeds for a smoky, juicy addition.

It’s reaaaaally easy to put together too – you can even use frozen broccoli to save time. Although frozen broccoli takes a couple of minutes longer to actually cook, you save so much time on prepping – there’s none to be done. Pro tip: don’t overcook your broccoli – not only does the texture become soft and bland but it loses nutritional power too.


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