DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

Don’t let little too no floor space stop you from growing fresh vegetables indoors, consider growing upwards!

Vertical hydroponic gardening will allow you to grow fresh food on vertical surfaces and leave your floor space free for other uses. Check out these innovative ideas and find out if vertical gardening is right for your living space.

Vertical Shelf

If you can spare a narrow spot in front of a sunny window, it would make a prime location for a vertical hydroponic garden. A narrow shelving unit could be placed in front of the window that will enable you to grow several different vegetables indoors. The sun wouldhelp minimize
the usage of grow lamps and it would also keep plants warm and growing vigorously.

Garden as ArtPop Bottle Garden

Vertical hydroponic garden containers can be purchased that look like works of art even without plants. Check out this cool DIY indoor garden idea! Save a few pop bottles and nail them to wall that gets good sunlight. Add some living greenery to the containers and you will have a living piece of art to display on the wall of your home. Get ready for the sighs of envy when your friends harvest lettuce and peppers from your living art piece!

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