Spring Vegetables Soup

Spring Vegetables Soup

Spring is here! Warmer days with cool nights. Perfect weather to enjoy this spring vegetables soup!


This 5 vegetables spring soup is easy, light, vegetarian, and perfect for any time of the year! It’s ready in no time and gives you a vitamin boost your body needs! Carrots, celery, potatoes, peas and onion are the main ingredients here! They are available in any supermarket but if you don’t like some of the vegetables mentioned above, simply use your favorite ones instead!
Time flies pretty fast. I feel like December was only a few weeks ago! But the truth is, the weather has been getting warmer and warmer each day here in Spain and soon enough we wake up into summer. During hot summer days I don’t feel like cooking at all. All I want to eat are watermelons and some light salads.
However, the rest of the year we tend to eat soups a lot for several reasons:
Making soups is a pretty easy process!


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