5 Amazing Water Toys for Summer

Is grilling with friends more of your thing? Hammacher Schlemmer has your solution; the Barbecue Dining Boat. It comes with a trolling motor, steel charcoal grill, and ten place settings. Now you can grill like a king and master the lake.

This one actually reminds me of something I used to do. I built a log cabin in college and had to haul every log across a lake on a pontoon boat. We had stripped the pontoons down to just a motor and a plywood deck. In the evenings, we would put fire brick down and place a steel drum in the middle for a fire pit while we caught walleye right out of the lake. The fish literally went from hook to grill in about 1 minute.

barbecue dining boat

This Remote Control Snack and Drink Pool Float

For the ultimate in laziness… or home wet bars… this exists. No longer do you have to stroll to across the pool to get a drink. Have the bartender drive it over to you. Need to buy this thing? Your in luck. It’s available here. (no, this isn’t an affiliate link)

bar float


One Minute Video Recipes

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