Summer Fruits Flapjacks

Summer Fruits Flapjacks

Summer fruits flapjacks – A delightful mix of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants, sandwiched between crunchy oats in this easy to follow flapjack recipe.

Summer Fruit Flapjacks 4

I have a reputation in our house for only being able to make sweet things. The other day Charlotte said to Daniel (our 4 year old son) that Daddy was making dinner. The response was a quizzical look, ‘but Mummy, Daddy can only make puddings’. I frowned and reminded him that I make a mean beans on toast! Anyway, not wishing to disappoint, I put together a seasonal flapjack recipe.

So what summer fruits to choose? With Wimbledon being on at the time there were strawberries everywhere so including those in the flapjack was a no-brainer. Also on prominent display were raspberries and blackcurrants and, given they were on special offer, it would have been rude not to include them. Finally, after a discussion between blueberries and blackberries we opted for the latter as Daniel hadn’t had them before (that might be something to do with the amount of black dye contained within them!). Of course as we paid for them the rain started and we got soaked on the way home!

Summer fruit flapjacks 3

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