Coconut Chocolate Overnight Oats

Coconut Chocolate Overnight Oats

Chocolate, coconut, oats and almonds in a quick, healthy and easy to make breakfast.

Coconut Chocolate Overnight Oats 3

I tend to alternate between two weekday breakfasts – smoothies and overnight oats. Regardless of what time I get up I always seem to be in a rush by the time I get around to breakfast so whatever I eat needs to be quick and easy.

The huge advantage of overnight oats is that you do all the work the night before (what very little there is), so it’s there in the fridge ready to eat. If you prefer to eat them warm simply pop them in the microwave on full power for a minute before eating (make sure you give them a good stir when you take them out to ensure there’s no hot spots)

Coconut and chocolate overnight oats ingredients.

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