Getting Your Garden In Shape For The Summer

Getting Your Garden In Shape For The Summer

We all think about how we get in shape for the summer. How we can make ourselves as presentable as possible so we feel great about being out in that bright sunshine. More of us need to think that way about our gardens! A garden is rather easy to lose track of, to let fall into quite a bad shape. Especially during the darker times of the year. But those times are gone now. So let’s get your garden back into shape!

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Tidying it up

The first thing you need to do is simply tidy the thing up. There are a few ways that a garden can get a bit dilapidated over time. It might be that trees and brushes are going to require the use of a good strimmer. That a lawn needs to be thoroughly rid of moss and weeds. Take it task by task and you should have it repaired in no time.

Adding some life to it

Once you’ve got it tidied, it’s time to start adding some life to it. There are plenty of ways to make space for beautiful flowers in your garden. Whether you want to landscape some raised bedding or just use some flower powers. It’s not necessarily a huge effort either. There are plenty of low maintenance plants that can still make your garden look beautiful.

Pest control

One thing that will certainly be threatening your garden is an abundance of pests that tend to find their way in. Slugs, aphids and other such pests. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to get rid of them. If you don’t like using pesticides for example, there are more natural solutions. These include choosing plants that instead invite their predators, such as ladybirds.

Setting up a dining area

One of the best things about having a beautiful garden is that it suddenly becomes able to do much more for you. One of the tasks that a good garden can do is provide a lovely spot for dining in the summer. This might require a bit of work to set up, however. For one, you don’t want sunlight shining in your eyes when you’re eating. That’s why many garden lovers set up retractable awnings for their outdoors eating experience.

Grow some food for the summer

A summer garden doesn’t just provide a beautiful location for your house. It can have plenty of very functional benefits, too. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort into setting up a vegetable garden, either. There are plenty of herbs and plants you can add to your cooking that are a bit easier than that.


The summer heat can prove as much a problem to your plant life as it can be a joy. That’s why properly watering a garden is important. If rain water doesn’t provide it, then you need about six gallons of water per square yard of your garden. If you are watering, try to soak the soil infrequently as opposed to little amounts through the day. This is because those little amounts are more liable to get taken by the sun instead.

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