8 Non- Running Exercises You Can Do on the Treadmill

8 Non- Running Exercises You Can Do on the Treadmill

Crab Walk

In this modern world, the treadmill is one of the most result-oriented machines for exercise that is widely used everywhere around the world. Major functions of this machine include running and walking, but, now, other exercises can also be performed on treadmill.

Here, I am going to describe about 8 top best non-running exercises that you can easily perform on treadmill i.e. given below:


8.      Walking Lunges

During a gym exercise, it seems almost impossible to do this walking lunges exercise. There are certain limitations which impede its effectiveness, like unavailability of room space for the exercise, and most importantly the right posture. If it is done with precision, accuracy and appropriate guidelines, it would be one of the best result-oriented exercises. In order to perform this exercise, it is necessary to stand in the position of the feet having space of hips size at an initial speed of 3mph. By placing the hands at chest level, keep a foot bent to at least 90 degrees and then go forward. By changing the legs with each other in the same position, it would give you the posture of walking. If any injury happens, especially in the backbone or limbs, inversion table for back pain is another machine used to relief the person.

Side Shuffles

7.      Side Shuffles

These exercises work on both the inner and outer thighs to lose fats from the thighs. In doing this kind of exercises, the person has to stand on the sideways of the treadmill, by bending the knees slightly and to keep the speed of the treadmill between 3 to 6 mph. Perform this exercise swiftly to get the better result.


6.      vLow (Squat) Side Shuffle

This is the exercise that is beneficial for the body’s very stubborn place – glute medius, which is the side butt of the body. In this exercise, the performer must remain in a quarter-squat position at the side of the treadmill. Importantly, the chest should be placed up with the speed of 1-2 mph on the treadmill; the performer has to step forward in the squat position towards the treadmill and simultaneously with switching the sides of it.


5.      Walking Plank

In this exercise, it is viewed that the performer needs to put his hands on the treadmill belt during a speed of 1-2 mph. To get better results, he has to stand with the same position. But it also has to put the treadmill belt by moving forward with hands.

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4.      Reverse Mountain Climbers

This is the reverse of traditional mountain climbers in which the performer has to put his feet on the sides of the treadmill belt by facing away the treadmill and keeping the hands on the floor. Then after setting the speed of treadmill at 1-2 mph, he has to bring his leg to the chest whereas the other should be stretched to the treadmill. During the exercise, the legs must be switched frequently and speedily to get the enhanced impacts.


3.      Crab Walk

Crab walk is one of the most interesting exercises at the treadmill as many people haven’t done this act for long. This exercise is beneficial for hamstring, glutes, and triceps. After setting the speed of treadmill at 1-2 mph, the performer has to put his hands on the sides of the treadmill by keeping the feet on the floor. It helps in elevating the hips with back facing the ground, move hands forward with the belt.


2.      Treadmill Push

This exercise is to be done with turned off treadmill in which the performer has to move the belt of the treadmill. This seems weird but very hard in which a person has to push the belt of switched off treadmill. The belts of many treadmills don’t move when they are turned off, so, it would be a challenging exercise.

Incline Pushups

1.      Incline Pushups

This exercise is also performed with the switched-off treadmill in which an individual has to stand on the side base of the treadmill with hands on its handle. The person has to make the body aligned straight from head to feet together with bent elbows for pushups and the chest near to the treadmill console. After a slight pause, repeat push up with the bent elbows.


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