Awesome Cherry Pie Filling

Awesome Cherry Pie Filling

Make your own cherry pie filling using fresh pie cherries or sweet cherries.

Last weekend we made a quick trip to the Washington coast to attend my nephew’s graduation! He is the oldest of all our nieces and nephews and the first to graduate. It was a great celebration. The only problem is we have 12 more nieces and nephews that will be graduating over the next several years. Okay, so that really isn’t a problem….It’s just a lot of graduations to attend and who knows where they will go to college. I hope we can attend them all!
On our trip we hit a roadside fruit stand and stopped to buy fresh cherries. We have cherry trees, but our cherries won’t be ready for another month. It was a treat to get some fresh picked cherries. I always tend to buy more than we can eat and ended up with a big bag after the trip. I decided to make cherry pie filling. Usually I use sour pie cherries, but thought I’d try these sweet cherries! They were delicious and added a different flavor to the crisp I used them in.

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