Common At-Home Life Hacks You Have To Avoid

Common At-Home Life Hacks You Have To Avoid

It’s hard to believe that life hacks are a relatively recent invention. It seems for everything related to home products; there is a life hack to go alongside it. Now it’s more likely you turn to Pinterest for tips on handling a specific issue than consulting an expert, or buying a specific product from a store.

Life hacks are a little bit like that old saying: when they are good, they are very, very good. But when they are bad, they’re terrible. Sometimes, a life hack is just going to cause more issues than you had in the first place.

Below is a rundown of some hacks that you may have seen. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty bad ideas. I’m going to explain why, and also, what you can do instead.

Life Hack: Use vinegar and bicarb to unblock pipes.

Why You Shouldn’t: To be blunt, it doesn’t work.

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The answer here is in the chemistry of these two products, both of which tend to feature heavily in all at-home solutions. Vinegar is otherwise known as acetic acid. Common “bicarb” is the bicarbonate of soda, and it is alkaline. So what happens when you combine an acidic substance with an alkaline? Yep, they cancel one another out. Sure, it froths like crazy, which is why many people assume they’re doing something. But all that frothing is evidence of the chemical reaction these two go through when they come in contact with one another.

What You Should Use: Conventional drain unblockers. It’s boring, but they’re designed for a range of pipework and will actually have an impact. Even using either vinegar or bicarb individually will have a better effect.

Life Hack: Removing pilling on blankets with a razor.

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Why You Shouldn’t: Razors are sharp. They’re designed to cut things. So if you’re hand-steady every single time you do this, then there’s no concern. But will you be? One tiny slip and now you don’t have a blanket that looks bad; you have a ruined blanket you have to replace. It’s not worth the risk.

What You Should Use: Pilling tools exist that have a safety gauge, meaning you won’t damage the fabric. Or skip the middle man and go for something like a vellux blanket, which won’t pill and thus can remain free from the razor.

Life Hack: Use a half-lemon to clean floors.

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Why You Shouldn’t: Lemons contain citric acid. If you rub acid into your non-slip coating on a floor, it’s not going to go down well. ┬áThere is also the stickiness aspect, as a fine layer remains on the floor just waiting for footprints be imprinted on.

What You Should Use: Use lemon juice and dilute it well; at most, one-third of the solution. Never rub the bare fruit directly onto a floor. Vinegar is also an option in the same kind of concentration. For tougher stains, consider borax or washing soda.

Life hacks can be useful, or they can do some pretty extreme damage. Always look for feedback from other users before trying anything. That way, you can ensure you don’t end up looking for a hack to fix the problem your earlier hack caused.


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