Baked Brown Butter Beignets

Baked Brown Butter Beignets

Nothing can compare to a soft baked Brown Butter Beignet topped with a sweet orange brown butter glaze. There’s big flavor in these bite-sized treats!

The dough is made with very simple ingredients. It’s your typical bread dough but instead of using regular butter, I’ve added  browned butter and vanilla paste for a sweet aromatic flavor. I also use bread flour just like with all my bread recipes. You need a gluten dense flour so the beignets will have a chewy elastic crumb.

The dough needs to rise twice. Once, right after you have formed the dough. This first rise usually takes about 2 hours. Then, once you shape the dough into little beignets, it needs to rise a second time. The second rise should only take about 45 minutes. Allowing the dough to rise twice gives it time to develop gluten and flavor. Both of which are a must when it comes to good homemade bread!

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