6 Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For Your Health

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3. Nutrition 

Eating home grown food is the best and healthiest way to eat your food. The statement “you are what you eat” has some great truth behind it. We are constantly surrounded with fast food, soda, sugar, and more sugar- This leaves us feeling tired, weak, and unmotivated at times. The food we eat affects our weight, mental health (mood), physical abilities, and more, so why not grow some of your own food and make meals with that? Although it is not as fast as grabbing a cheeseburger, it is 100% healthier for your body.

You don’t have to go and maintain a huge garden at first. Start off small with a few herbs and easy vegetables. Go to farmer’s markets and buy some produce from there, ask questions, and see what others are doing to maintain their gardens.

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4. Reduces risk of stroke, heart disease, and other life threatening diseases 

(See again the “Exercise” point up above) This lowers blood pressure, boosts your mood, and ultimately helps your overall health. Getting up and moving can do so much for your body when we live in a sitting society. Gardening gives you exercise that you can enjoy. Like hey, i’m exercising and getting potatoes out of it- that should be some great motivation for you.

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