Do’s and Don’ts for Gardening

Do’s and Don’ts for Gardening 

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts for gardening- it’s impossible to list them all. You eventually learn a lot through experience, but here are a few tips for along the way. 



  • Water a lot (but not too much)

Your garden needs hydration, especially right after they’re planted. Most plants need about an inch of water every week.

Here are tips to how and when you should water your plants



  • Sow your seeds too early

Plants who love the heat will not thrive and grow well until the soil has warmed up. So do not sow your seeds the first time you feel warmth. Resist the temptation.

Here is how to set up a schedule for when to sow your seeds


  • Understand directions for each plant you plant

Each plant has different rules and regulations that go with it, read each packet and follow the directions. Make sure you choose plants that go well with the environment and climate you live in.

Here is more information on choosing plants for your garden

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  • Walk around the bed

Stepping on the loose soil packs it down, which you don’t want. It makes it harder for your plants to sprout and roots to push through the soil.

Here are 5 tips for your raised garden bed


  • Prep the site for your garden bed

Make sure you have good soil and enough of it! Pull weeds and remove any grass from the area you will be using.

Here are some guidelines for prepping.

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  • Use herbicides

If you have mostly seeds, they won’t grow. Although they are absolutely great for stopping weeds from growing, they can also stop plants from sprouting.

Here is some information on herbicides.


  • Fertilize your lawn

Your lawn needs nitrogen, which is in fertilizer. The thing with this is that each lawn needs different levels of it, so you need to find out which is best for your lawn.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for fertilizing your lawn.

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