Special Treats That The Elderly Adore

Special Treats That The Elderly Adore

The things that we value in life as children as very different to the things we value as adults. Likewise, what we find special and valuable as adults varies from what we regard in this way as an elderly person. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some special treats that the elderly adore. You can provide them with each of these to show your love and affection.

A little company

It is now well-recognized that loneliness in elderly people is a serious and widespread issue. So much so that some have called in an epidemic. Don’t have your elderly loved ones be a part of this horrible experience. A little company can go a long way. An hours visit may not be much to you, but to them, it could be the highlight of their week. We all know how nice it can be to just have a chat and some attention. Supplement your own visits with senior companion care. Look out for companies in which the people who provide care are also seniors. This creates an immediate common ground between the two.

Books, puzzles, and crosswords they can actually see

It’s all very well taking or sending items like books, puzzles, and crosswords to entertain and delight the elderly. But how is their eyesight? If it is anything less than good, they may really struggle to see the pages, words, and numbers. This will mean they could either give themselves a headache trying to do so. Or, they just won’t be able to use it at all. So, counteract this issue by getting large print items.

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Cozy bedding and blankets

The elderly tend to spend a lot of the time in the homes. So, make this time as comfortable and cozy as possible! One way you can do this is by treating them to some really special bedding. How about some luxury sheets, and a baby soft duvet cover. Don’t forget the pillows. Also, add in a soft and cozy blanket that they can also use elsewhere in the house.

Fresh flowers

The benefits of fresh flowers in the home are many. For one, smell can conjure up happy old memories. Flowers can also boost creativity, stimulate a good mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. That’s not to mention that they act as a form of decoration and can brighten a room up. Finally, they can also purify the air, which is never a bad thing!

A clean and tidy home

This point is something that not just the elderly enjoy, but everyone. Having a clean and tidy home makes everyone feel better. For starters, it makes the environment healthier and reduces their chances of getting sick. It can also make the home feel more spacious and less cluttered. However, if their health begins to deteriorate that may struggle with even the most basic of cleaning tasks. Go along once a week with the sole intention of tidying and cleaning. Vacuum each room to remove dust, wipe down surfaces and clear away clutter. Supplement this with the aid of a professional cleaning service, who can do the trickier jobs.

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