Turkey Apricot Cheddar Sandwich

Turkey Apricot Cheddar Sandwich
This is my favorite right now! A turkey apricot cheddar sandwich has all the elements of the perfect sandwich.
As you might have noticed, I’ve been getting away from the low carb recipes. Not because I’ve fallen out of love with the low carb lifestyle, but more because I’ve been having an affair with bread. It started on vacation (for my birthday) in Sonoma. We went to the best little bakery that had so many different kinds of delicious loaves, hot and fresh from the oven. Then when we went on our wine tour I had the best sandwich ever. It was a turkey sandwich with white cheddar and lemon chutney and it was de-lic-ious! And while I haven’t come up with a lemon chutney….yet, this turkey apricot cheddar sandwich comes pretty close to that one and has become my new favorite.

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