3 Grilling Tips for the Perfect Summer Barbecue Party

3 Grilling Tips for the Perfect Summer Barbecue Party

3 Grilling Tips for the Perfect Summer Barbecue Party

Come summer and it’s time for a backyard barbecue in America. In fact according to a survey by Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, almost half of American adults plan to buy a grill or smoker this year to fully relish summer.

Summer is the time we all love being outside, eating, and drinking and having fun with friends. Barbecue parties are the flavor of the season and this is also the time we put our grilling skills to test. And all said and done, not many of us excel in getting the best meat off the rack.

Investing in an expensive grill and fancy accessories alone will not help you get the best meat. You need to take care to see that that the meat is cooked slow and low, and retains all juices and the awesome smoky flavor.

If you are new to the grilling game, do not worry. With enough patience and care, you can ensure that you give the best barbeque party in town.

So here are a few tips for you to grill your meat right and delicious.

1. Choose the Right Grill

A high-end gas grill can look great in your yard and might even perk up your exterior home décor. But that does necessarily guarantee yummy results.

As compared to gas, charcoal is much ahead in terms of what it is capable of doing to your meat. Gas does not produce enough smoke which is the most critical ingredient of barbeque cooking. Gas grills also do not produce as much heat as charcoal grills which typically cook up to 500F and can touch as high as 700F.

If there is no smoke the meat will taste no different than being grilled in an oven or on the stove! You definitely do not want such a result after all your grilling efforts.

Invest in a charcoal grill to get tasty and perfectly done meat and veggies. If you like your meat crispy outside and medium to rare inside then charcoal grills work best for you. If you like your meat well done, then consider gas grills as a viable option. High-end gas grills do produce enough heat to get those crunchy steaks with juicy interiors that are not overcooked, but they cost a lot. Gas grills also have the advantage of being hassle-free and easy to clean.

So the rule is that if you are willing to put in the time and have the patience to hone your grilling skills, then time-tested charcoal grills are the way to go. If you are in India, you can also compare prices of the best grills at Idealo and make a wise decision.

2. Pick up the Nuances of Grilling

The fine art of grilling requires you to know the basics of treating the meat or fish you are about to grill.

Coarse kosher salt and coarsely ground pepper are all that are necessary to get the delicious taste of perfectly done barbecue. A little extra of salt on meat will do no harm but too much pepper can make things too spicy for comfort. Spices and other marinades also should be used in moderation. Today, there are a variety of rubs available promising to give exotic results. But remember that a good barbecue will not have any overpowering flavors in it, just the taste of delicious meat coming through. Anything else you put in your meat must compliment the meaty, smoky taste of the barbecue not compete with it.

Barbecue sauces, seasonings, and other add-ons should be used in moderation to prevent interfering with the cooking process. Meat drippings can be added to the sauces to make it even more delicious.

3. Leave The Grill Alone

If you are a newbie you will definitely be tempted to check how the meat is faring. But grilling is best done if you can keep the lid down and let the smoke and flavors sink into the meat. Do not prod, turn or move around the meat as it is getting done. Burnt or overcooked meat is not what you are looking for.

Each time you lift the lid of your grill, a little bit of the heat is lost and things cool down. It leads to uneven cooking of meat which should be avoided. You can check every hour or so and apply the sauces if required.

Barbecue meat should never be served as soon as it is done. You need to allow it to sit for a while for the juices to sink into the muscles and tenderize them. A few minutes for small cuts and about fifteen minutes for steaks and roasts should be sufficient. Cut the meat and serve only when you are ready to eat. Another juice-saving tip is to always turn meat using tongs or spatulas while grilling. This reduces juices dripping off.


Barbecues are great social opportunities. Not only do you get to enjoy the season but you also get to enjoy food in a manner which is deeply satisfying. Slow-cooking allows you to mingle with friends and not worry about what’s on the grill. You can say without a doubt that a person who knows the art of barbecuing will be hosting one of the most in-demand parties in town.

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