2 Awesome French Onion Soup Recipes

2 Awesome French Onion Soup Recipes

French Onion Soup is a delicious blend of caramelized onions, herbs, toasted bread, and lots of melty cheese.


Now, everyone grows up with expecting a certain style of cooking but our tastes change over time and I am no exception. So our tastes have diverged and a winning example is French Onion Soup. My Mom prefers a robust soup with a heavy-handed flavors that meld and layer within the broth. Her version is far more authentic to the European style of French Onion Soup.

My recipe is more mellow and what I would call “Americanized”. In my cooking and recipe development, I tend to apply Occam’s Razor in that the simplest recipe is usually the correct one. I start with the basics and build it to my own tastes. It has always worked out for me that way. My French Onion Soup is mellow and closer to the style of soup you might find in classic American Style Resturants such as T.G.I. Friday’s or Panera Bread.


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