How to Make Leaf Print Drop Cloth Pillows

How to Make Leaf Print Drop Cloth Pillows

These leaf print, drop cloth pillows ,were so easy to make, and though I wish I had a artists hand that could draw beautiful leaves, the beauty of nature works just as well. 

Learn how to make this inexpensive pillows my covering old ones with drop cloth material and using leaves from your backyard. You don’t have to be an artist to make this work of art.

Wash and dry the drop cloth material.

Wrap some of the drop cloth around the pillow and pin in place. I find this works better for me than measuring and cutting.

Make sure one edge (right side here) is about the seam allowance you want, so once you are done pinning, you can take out those pins to remove the pillow for sewing. Also, I always fold the material over the pillow so that there is one less side to pin cut and sew.

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