Retro Russian Ice Cream

Retro Russian Ice Cream

This Retro Russian Ice Cream Plombir (Пломбир) was a classic among ice creams years back in Russia and neighboring countries as well as some central European countries. It is smooth and rich and tastes after vanilla! It’s the best ice cream!


Does any of you know “Plombir”? I wouldn’t know until Siim started fantasizing about it a few weeks back.” You don’t know plombir?” he asked. The blank look on my face must have said it all so he continued explaining.

Apparently it was the best ice cream when he was a kid. Well, coming from a different country, plombir was definitely not a word in my dictionary so I was a bit apprehensive. To be honest I was more discouraging rather than encouraging when he said he was going to make it. But somehow he didn’t seem to be put off by the lack of enthusiasm on my part!


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