The Foods That Can Help Your Common Health Complaints

The Foods That Can Help Your Common Health Complaints

If you have a small health complaint, you don’t necessarily need to head to a doctor. And you don’t always need to cough up the cash to pay for expensive over the counter treatments either. Quite often, there are natural remedies to the health complaint you’re experiencing. Most of these remedies can be found in your kitchen cupboards if you have a look for them. They could be sitting on your shelf waiting for you to use them without you even realising yet.

It’s often the case that the natural remedies are the best ones too. You don’t get any nasty or unexpected side effects with these, like you do with some forms of medication. So, next time you’re feeling down for whatever reasons, think about how you can perk yourself up with natural solutions. Below, you will find the things you can use and consume to do that.

Oatmeal for Inflamed Skin

Putting oatmeal on your face might not sound like a particularly fun way to spend an evening. But this food does have the properties that can help reduce itchy or inflamed skin. It’s particularly good for people who are suffering from eczema. The chemicals in oatmeal help to reduce inflammation when they come into contact with your skin. For many people, this can have a big impact, and the irritation that comes with inflamed skin can be reduced or cleared up completely. Once the oatmeal has been turned into a fine powder and mixed with warm water, it should be applied to the face for 10 minutes of so.

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Honey for a Sore Throat

Sore throats can linger for a long time, and they really get you down too. The problem with them is that they seem to ruin every part of your day. Every time you speak or cough or eat, you get that horrible feeling in the back of your throat. When you use honey on your throat, it helps to draw out any moisture from the inflamed area. This can help to soothe the pain that you feel so regularly when you have a sore throat. By swallowing a couple of spoonfuls of honey, you can set yourself up for a pain-free day ahead. Another thing you can try to clear up your sore throat is apple cider vinegar. It doesn’t taste as nice as honey, but it does the trick.

Beans for Heartburn

Heartburn is a problem caused by the gastroesophageal reflux in the gut. This can be avoided if food is processed in the gut quicker. So, that means if you want to avoid heartburn, you need to find foods that speed up the digestion process. The kind of foods that have the power to do this are the ones that have high levels of fiber, such as beans. You can eat kidney beans, black-eyed beans or whatever beans you like. As long as they are healthy and filled with fiber, they should have the desired properties. If you don’t want to eat whole beans, just mash them up and make a soup out of them. That way, you’ll still get all the fiber and nutrients out of them.

Fish and Chia Seeds for Joint Pain

You can increase swelling and inflammation in your joints by taking on an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s something that anyone can do, and it’s particularly good for runners. When your joints are taking a beating day after, they need to be protected. By filling your diet with foods like fish and chia seeds, you can give them that level of protection they need. The Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in some fish will help to fight that inflammation every step of the way. And the more of those kinds of foods, as well as chia seeds and walnuts, the easier it will be to decrease things like swelling. Many people feel this swelling and aching in the joints when they have been active, so fight it with food.

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Ginger for Exercise Pains

When you’ve been doing lots of exercise, the effects of this can often be felt in your joints. But scientific studies have actually found that people who consume ginger before or after a workout feel less pain. This is down to the fact that ginger is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help muscles. Gingerols are the main type of antioxidants found in ginger, and they can have a real impact. So, try to incorporate more ginger into your diet when you’re doing lots of exercise and experiencing muscle pains. It could be the smartest change to your diet you ever make.

Fresh Vegetables and Pineapple for Bad Breath

There are two things that can be the main cause of bad breath. The first is your digestive system. And the other is your mouth. There are some foods that can help out with this. First of all, you can use fresh vegetables like celery and lettuce that are known to wash out the mouth. They freshen it up naturally, so it’s good to include these in your diet. And to battle the problems that could be leading to bad breath in the gut, you need a food that has the right enzymes. One example of this kind of food is pineapples. They give your digestive system a healthy boost, and that can stop you from having bad breath.

Nuts and Unsaturated Fats for High Cholesterol

One of the most common health problems that can affect the future health of your heart is high cholesterol. People who have an above average cholesterol level for a sustained period of time are more likely to suffer heart problems later in life. Getting it down can be a challenge, but your diet is where you should start. Ditching saturated fats and replacing them with unsaturated fats is essential. Examples of foods containing unsaturated fats are rapeseed oil, avocado and nuts. If you can get more of these positive fats into your diet and consume less processed fats, you’ll be on the right track. It’s a gradual process that should also be combined with an increased exercise level.

Turmeric for an Infection

Turmeric is very often found in Indian food, and it’s one of the healthiest spices out there. It’s known to treat wounds and infections as well. It helps cleansing and healing in the body because it has something called curcumin in it. This is important because it can halt bacteria and stop it from multiplying. This is vital when your body is trying to fight infection, so it can have a real impact. Of course, you should also have infections treated by a doctor too. But you can speed up your recovery time by adding plenty of turmeric to your diet. In India, it can even be turned into a paste and applied to wounds directly to speed up healing.

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Natural Herbs for Stress Relief

The great thing about herbs is that they can be used to increase your body’s stamina and battle tiredness. Another thing that they can reduce naturally is stress. Many of us now lead very busy and stressful lives, so the need for a little bit of stress relief is greater than ever before. The best way to consume herbs and unleash their important properties is by vaporising them. Innovative gadgets like vaporizers for herbs make this possible. You can get all the goodness out of them in a simple way. And then the vapours can be inhaled and that stress can be relieved. If you are someone who regularly suffers from stress, this is definitely something to try out.

Lemon for Age Spots

Age spots, or liver spots as they’re sometimes known, can frustrate many people. They appear as you grow older, and are most common in people over the age of 50. There is nothing bad behind them. So, if you want to fight them, it will be purely for cosmetic reasons. But many people are concerned about the visible signs of the aging process, so it’s not surprising if you do want rid of them. Lemon can be used on the skin to reduce the appearance of age spots. The acid found in the lemons can lighten the spots and make them less obvious. It’s a very simple trick, but it’s one that really does work. It’s something that has to be done regularly for an effect to be noticed.

Hydrate for Headaches

The major cause of headaches for most people is a lack of hydration. Your body needs water to function properly. It’s the most basic form of sustenance that we need. So, to avoid those headaches that seem to emerge for no reason, hydrate your body better. This is something that can obviously be done by drinking water. But it can also be done by consuming foods that contain water too. For example, eating more fruit can be a great way of getting more fluids into the body for people who don’t like drinking water. It doesn’t matter how you get those fluids into you body. What matters is that they’re there.

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