The Finishing Touches Of Setting Yourself Up A Man-Cave

The Finishing Touches Of Setting Yourself Up A Man-Cave

If there’s one room that more guys absolutely need to discover, it’s the man-cave. Everyone needs their own space if they can possibly get it. For a guy, this means having a place to retreat that is there to simulate all his loves. Beer, games and maybe even a projector if you’re lucky. Here’s how you create the right environment for a great man-cave.

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Comfort is vital

The first step is one that goes woefully forgotten in a lot of man-caves. It has to be comfortable for whoever’s there. For example, if you’re watching movies or playing games, make sure you have comfortable chairs for gaming. Make sure they have the proper back support and adjustable height so you’re not craning your neck in all kinds of directions. Make sure there’s space around them, too. That way, if you have company, they don’t have to walk between you and your game or film of choice. Getting bar stools around the pool table for participants/audience members can be a good idea too.

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Make it easy to take care of

As much as the man-cave should be your sanctuary, it should also be a place you’re glad to entertain some pals. So, how well you can take care of it matters. First, think of the different surfaces and how easy they are to clean. Think hardwood or laminate, not carpet. It’s also likely that you’re going to have wires from all your electronics. Use bits of equipment that can keep all your wires together and tidy so you’re not dealing with a tangle.

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Keep yourself in good supply

If there’s something that can ruin a great session of gaming or pool, it’s the need to have to sneak to the kitchen for supplies. Instead, get everything you need in your man-pad. One of the simplest ways of doing it by simply keeping a stocked mini-fridge. That way all you have to do is reach over from your gaming chair to grab a beer. If you’re willing to put in a bit more effort, you might even think to set up your own mini-bar. The jealousy from your friends will be palpable.

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A shrine to the loves of your life

We’re not talking about setting up pictures of your exes. That might get you some heated words from the lady in your life. Instead, we’re thinking about all the stuff that you have a passion for. It can be a collection of retro video games and consoles. It might be movie posters or memorabilia. Could even be sports programs and boxing fight posters. The point is that you have the space of your own making to wear your passions proudly on your sleeve. Think of some cool, stylish displays you can set it all up in.

With these steps, you’ll be a lot closer to having the perfect place to just chill out after a tough day. Just remember to occasionally take a step out of the cave. You want your family to still remember you exist, after all.

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