Easy Thai Iced Coffee

Easy Thai Iced Coffee

Are you a Starbucks fan? Save yourself a few dollars and learn how to make this easy Thai iced coffee at home.

What I love about creating cold coffee beverages at home is that I can choose my coffee beans. Then I add in my creamers and sweeteners of choice.

Become your own barista with this easy iced coffee recipe. And keep your change in your pocket!

Everyone has a preference – some like their coffee brewed strong. Others, not so much. That’s what’s so great about brewing your own coffee at home. You can choose your own favorite blend or brand of brew.

Thai iced coffee originated during the mid 20th century when there were limitations on the availability of fresh milk.  Evaporated milk and condensed milk were popular options that were added to coffee.

Depending on whether you want your iced coffee to taste more like coffee or dessert, you’ll need to adjust how much condensed sweetened milk you add to your cold brew.

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