No Bake Protein Bars – Healthy Chocolate!

No Bake Protein Bars – Healthy Chocolate!

Our take on these easy yet nutritious bars – and we show you how to save money at the same time.


I don’t tend to follow fads or new diet crazes, and I’m usually about four years behind on the latest ‘superfood’ but I have to admit when I was back in the UK a few weeks ago I did treat myself to a few ‘raw organic bars’. Some of them were pretty good – but really expensive! Up to £2. Two pounds! For a few nuts, seeds and dried fruits pressed together into an (admittedly tasty) little snack bar.

I only forked out the scandalous fees because I really wanted to try them – and to know if I could make one equally good (or better) myself, for cheaper. I could, and I can.

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