Gyro Meatballs & Herbed Yogurt Dip

Gyro Meatballs & Herbed Yogurt Dip

These gyro meatballs & herbed yogurt dip are a fun dish to make for any party. Meatballs with all those great gyro flavors and a lemony herb yogurt sauce to dip them in. 


When I heard it was Football Food week at Sunday Supper, I was excited to try out these gyro meatballs. The other day I had lunch with a good friend at a tasty Greek restaurant. I was still thinking about that delicious gyro salad when I came up this recipe. I had a gyros on the brain. These juicy and spicy meatballs go perfectly with the creamy, lemon and herb yogurt dip. This is an easy finger food to serve while watching our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

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