Crock pot Vanilla Pear Butter Recipe

Crock pot Vanilla Pear Butter Recipe

Fruit butters have become my latest food obsession. Once you taste this Crock pot Vanilla Pear Butter Recipe, you will understand why. You won’t believe how easy this is!


For most of my adult life, I never gave fruit butters any consideration. To be totally honest, I had a preconceived idea that fruit butters actually had butter in them (if you could see me now, I am blushing …)

Spread this Crock pot Vanilla Pear Butter Recipe on toast, pancakes or waffles; stir it into your breakfast bowl or yogurt; have it straight out of the jar – why not?  It’s also great as a spread for your sandwiches.

Nutritionally speaking, this pear butter can be a great fat-free alternative for butter. But remember, fat free does not mean calorie free. Moderation is key! As I was looking for some recipe inspiration, I was surprised to see that some recipes actually had up to 4 cups of sugar added to 4-5 pounds of pear. I think that would be appropriate for a jam or jelly, but for a fruit butter? That is definitely to sweet for me. I opted for just a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, due to the fact that my pears were not yet fully ripened.


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