Creamy Paprika Chicken & Peppers

Creamy Paprika Chicken & Peppers

This creamy paprika chicken & peppers dish is an easy skillet dinner that the whole family will love. Ready in about 30 minutes and perfect over noodles.

When I heard it was going to be Easy Skillet Recipes on Sunday Supper this week I knew what I wanted to try. My father in law mentioned once how he liked chicken paprikash and I’ve been wanting to make it ever since. The thing is, I’ve never had it before. When searching for recipes I found out that people are very passionate about their chicken paprikash and what makes it authentic and so forth. Well I gave up on making an authentic dish and decided to create something similar which is this creamy paprika chicken & peppers skillet dinner. I loved it but note that it is not chicken paprikash. (BTW if you have an authentic chicken paprikash recipe, shoot it my way in the comments. I’d appreciate it!)

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