Down Home Beef Barley Soup

Down Home Beef Barley Soup

Looking for a warm and comforting dinner? This Down Home Beef Barley Soup from The Weary Chef will fit the bill.


One thing I can do to help myself feel better on sad days is make a truly comforting meal. Usually when I think of comfort food, I think of burgers or mac and cheese, but this beef stew is hearty and wholesome to really treat my body right.

Yesterday evening the fog and wind rolled in here in San Francisco, and it got so cold. All the more reason to dig into a hot bowl full of beef, barley, and vegetables. By the end of dinner, I was feeling warmer and happier. I only wish I could share this soup with all the folks who could really use it right now. Just sharing the recipe is the best I can do! I hope it will bring you comfort when you need it too.


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