Cherry Chocolate Almond Energy Balls Recipe

Cherry Chocolate Almond Energy Balls Recipe

Chewy, sweet, and deliciously satisfying… these little balls are PACKED full of energy providing ingredients… plus… rich, decadent dark chocolate.


These energy balls are great for more than that annoying mid-afternoon slump. Try a few for breakfast alongside some yogurt and your life will be changed. Easy, convenient, portable, and frankly… amazing!

I made these energy balls with my favorite ingredients, but feel free to switch things up if you prefer a different dried fruit or nut butter. Cashew butter is phenomenal in these as well!
These energy balls store best in an airtight container in the refrigerator, but can also be frozen for a longer shelf-life. To play it safe, I only keep these balls in the refrigerator for a week, but they might last longer… mine just tend to be devoured well before the week is over.


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