Cider Mimosa Recipe

Hey! This is Chris from  and my personal blog  Yesterday, my wife came up with a brilliant fall drink and we had to share it here. We originally put it up on our other blog and you can get a little more behind the scenes with us at this link. Otherwise, enjoy a refreshing fall drink with this Cider Mimosa Recipe.

apple cider mimosa recipe

This drink is really pure genius. We dubbed our cider mimosa recipe the cidermosa because it combining two of your favorite fall drinks.

Not only is it delicious, it is so simple! Fill your glass half full with fresh pressed apple cider. Then top off with champagne! Garnish with Anise and Cinnamon if desired. Cloves would also be great. Serve with a good helping of friends for a great time.

cider mimosa recipe

If you have an apple press, you could use fresh crushed apple cider and this would be absolutely amazing. The bubbles from the champaign give the cider a very light taste in the mouth.


Do you have a favorite drink? Let us know what it is! We’ll give it a shot and put up on the blog. If you liked this recipe, please check us out at too.

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