Creating A Business Headquarters At Home: What You Need To Succeed

Creating A Business Headquarters At Home: What You Need To Succeed

Are you taking the plunge and setting up a new business? Or have you decided to start working from home more? If so, it may be time to make some changes to your home. More and more of us are using our homes as business bases. But what do you actually need to succeed, and how can you make the space work for you? If you’re a new business owner, or you’re hoping to work from home more frequently, these tips will help.

Finding space

Regardless of your working arrangements, you’ll need space to work at home. It may seem tempting to take your laptop to the sofa or install yourself at the kitchen table for the day. But working like this is unsustainable. You won’t be comfortable, and you’ll find it difficult to focus and concentrate. You need to set up a dedicated workspace, which enables you to separate your work and home lives. There are various options you could consider.

Setting up a new business headquarters

If you’re running a company from home, you may need more than a single room. If you’re stocking products, taking care of accounts or hosting clients, you’ll need space to make this happen. Perhaps you need a stock room or a treatment suite. Maybe you could do with a design studio. Every business is different, and you’ll need to factor in your own requirements when planning your new workspace.

It may be possible to house your new business suite within your home if you have an attic or basement, for example. Alternatively, you could consider converting a garage or outhouse. You could also extend your home, or add a log cabin to the back garden.

If you’re considering structural changes, contact professional building firms and architects. They can give you some ideas based on your individual plans and goals, and provide quotes. You may need to seek permission from planning agencies before you start the big build. If you’ve already had an attic or a basement converted, it’s simply a matter of making the space suitable for business.


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Creating a home office

Setting up an office at home is much simpler than creating a brand new wing dedicated to business. Using spare rooms is usually the best option. If you have bedrooms that you never use, for example, you can easily turn one into a study. If you don’t have additional space readily available, you could also consider a loft or basement conversion. Do you have a large loft or a cellar that is in good repair? If so, you can use the space for a new office. You can customize the design, and you’ll also add value to your home.

If you have grand plans for a conversion project, get some expert ideas and opinions and compare prices. Think about you would model the rooms to suit your needs. Once you’ve had structural improvements approved, you can start working on design concepts.


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Making the space work for you

Once you’ve allocated space for your business or created an office, it’s time to make it work for you. A standard office template isn’t suitable for everyone. A new room or a dedicated business area offers a blank canvas for you to personalize. In some cases, interior design may be everything. In others, technology and equipment will be much more important. During the planning stage, think carefully about what you’ll need when your business space is ready and waiting to be used for the first time.


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Kitting your business space out

Most business owners will have to invest in equipment of some kind. The type of company you’re running and the services you offer will dictate what you want or need. If you’re opening a home-based massage clinic, for example, you may need new beds and chairs for a waiting room. If you’re a carpenter selling handcrafted masterpieces, you may need to invest in new tools or display cases. Are you running a digital marketing agency from home? If so, you’ll need the latest computing gadgets and a high-speed Internet connection. Write a list of everything you need to buy to get yourself ready for your launch. Once you’ve ticked off everything on this list, you can think about additional items. Focus on the essentials before you consider the extras.

In business, you need to make yourself heard. Even if you’re a creative person or your company has nothing to do with computing, you need to connect with your market. If you want to sell products or attract new clients, it’s essential to reach out and make sure people know who and what you are. Almost all new companies have an Internet presence these days. A simple Facebook page or a website can make you much more accessible and marketable. Billions of people all over the world have mobile phones and tablets that give them instant access to the World Wide Web. If you don’t already have social media accounts or a stylish, modern website, it’s essential to move with the times. Do some research on Internet providers and compare prices and business packages online. You can find everything from reviews to pages offering Sudden Link info, for example, within seconds.


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Design tips and tricks

Once you’ve got the practicalities sorted, you can turn your attention to the aesthetics. This is the fun part. If you’ve got a new home office, think about how you can create an inspirational space, which will make you feel motivated and focused. Look at different color schemes, and add personal touches. Make sure you also pay attention to comfort. If you’re typing for hours every day, you need a comfortable, supportive chair. If you’re struggling for ideas, have a look through some magazines or search for looks you like online.

If you’re going to have clients or potential investors visiting, first impressions are everything. Make sure your premises look professional and smart. If you have a creative business, showcase your talent, flair, and personality in the design.


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More and more people are choosing to work from home in some capacity. If you’re launching a new business or creating an office at home, take these tips on board. Hopefully, you’ll be able to design an inspirational space that enables you to grow your business, focus, and achieve success. Good luck!

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