Spray 9 Heavy-Duty Cleaner for Deep Cleans

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spray Nine for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

With four kids, a dog, and a chicken, my house and yard are full of surprises. Not all are always good surprises either. I had to fix a flapper valve in one of our toilets and when I pulled off the lid, I found that the toilet mechanism had been spraying water up and it had been keeping the lid of the toilet tank wet. Well, mold and mildew (and who knows what else) decided this was a nice place to live. This is more than the everyday household cleaning. This is the kind of cleaning I only get to once or twice a year.


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I was out in my front yard talking about cleaning with my neighbor and I had mentioned I got a sample of Spray 9 Heavy-Duty Cleaner. She swears by it and said I should use it to tackle the black nastiness that is under my toilet. So here’s that story:

Spray Nine is a degreasing and disinfecting heavy-duty cleaner that tackles tough grime, stains, and bacteria. Spray Nine’s “Triple Threat” formula delivers professional-strength performance without using any bleach or corrosive chemicals.


We put it to the test trying to tackle any viruses, mold, and bacteria that was living under my toilet lid. I sprayed the Spray 9 Heavy-Duty Cleaner on the area I was going to clean and let it soak for a minute. It will kill viruses in 30 seconds and bacteria in 45.


With a good scrub, we washed it pretty clean. I know one thing is for sure, handling the ceramic top was much different after a thorough cleaning. I was so impressed by how it cleaned up the lid on the toilet that I finished the whole toilet and floor in the area. You’re welcome, wife. It worked well to clean the tiles and grout in the bathroom floor as well. I even hit our shower with a bit of Spray 9 Heavy-Duty Cleaner as well because we had a little mold and mildew growing  in our corners there as well. But don’t use this just indoors, Spray 9 Heavy-Duty Cleaner is great in the garage and other places that build up grease and grime.

I just feel better getting nasty stuff like mold and bacteria taken care of. This is our home, not theirs. What was interesting to me was how versatile Spray 9 Heavy-Duty Cleaner is. Another seasonal cleaning item I have is our range top. We used it hard all summer canning up most of our garden for the winter. The think about stove tops is that it seems to accumulate grease, stains, grime and other gunk over time. For example, look at these two pictures. They say everything you need to know.

img_4468-1 img_4473-edit-2

Check back at our blog soon and we will have our next post done when we try to tackle the brake dust and grime around my tire. See what Spray Nine Heavy Duty can do for you.   

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