Turning Your Home Into Fort Knox Needn’t Be Expensive. Here’s What You Need To Do!

Turning Your Home Into Fort Knox Needn’t Be Expensive. Here’s What You Need To Do!

Let’s face it; we all worry about our home security. The last thing we want to do is come home after a day at work to find our abodes ransacked by burglars. Sure, you might remember to lock your doors and windows before you go out anywhere. But, today’s thieves are savvy and know many ways to circumvent security systems.

When it comes to home security, it’s a good idea to discourage burglars. The aim is to lower the likelihood of them wanting to break into your property. So, how can you do that without spending a fortune, I hear you ask?

Well, the following ideas can help you beef up your home security. Fort Knox won’t have a patch on what you can do for your property! Check out these excellent ideas:


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Smart doorbell systems

You might think that most burglars will sneak around the back of your home and break in that way. But, did you know that they will actually enter and exit through your front door? That’s because it raises the least suspicion, believe it or not!

With that in mind, you should consider installing a smart doorbell system. What’s so clever about it is that it can record video and sound whenever someone approaches. Plus, that footage can get uploaded to the cloud so you can get alerted even if you’re 100 miles away from home!

If the worst happened and the break-in was through the front door, it can help you identify the burglars.

Security cameras

Another way to have eyes around your home while you’re not there is to get CCTV cameras. They are visual deterrents that can record activity from a variety of areas around your home. As with smart doorbell systems, you can view footage live over the Internet. Some security companies will even remotely monitor your CCTV cameras for you.

Remote garage door opener

Some people might think that a remote garage door opener is something only the wealthy would use. But, it’s actually a good security idea that all homeowners with garages should use!


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Having one means you don’t have to get out of your car to open the garage door. Yes, that’s a convenient benefit that we will all find useful. But, there’s another reason you should consider investing in one: security.

If you get out of your car and leave the engine running, a thief could steal your car. And should one run into your garage, you can lock yourself in your vehicle and call the police. The latter is useful for ensuring your personal safety in such situations.

Exterior infrared movement sensors

Gone are the days where you need to build high fences to protect yourself. After all; anyone can scale a wall or fence! Want to be alerted if someone trespasses on your property? Consider fitting some exterior infrared movement sensors!

If a sensor gets tripped, the system can alert you or a monitoring center. Used in conjunction with CCTV, they are good ways to identify burglars. If they get activated, they could turn on floodlights, alerting neighbors to the situation. And when that happens, thieves will just run off rather than stay and get confronted by people.

In case you’re wondering, those infrared sensors know the difference between people and pets!

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