Creamy Oyster Soup

Creamy Oyster Soup

This creamy oyster soup recipe is perfect for a light lunch and on cool days.  Your family will enjoy this soup and you’ll enjoy how easy it is to put together!

When sharing my shopping list for Aldi, I mentioned making oyster soup and a reader asked if I had a recipe. I do! Here is my Creamy Oyster Soup recipe you and your family’s enjoyment.

My recipe really only serves two. I make it for the toddler and I at lunch. There’s just enough left over for a small bowlful to enjoy later.

Chop your veggies small so they cook through faster, and you may omit the potato if you like, I simply feel like it makes it stretch a little bit more. So that being said, you could add another potato if you want it to go even further!

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