Butternut Bacon Potstickers

Butternut Bacon Potstickers

Wondering what to do with all the butternut squash you picked from your garden? Turn your harvest into butternut bacon potstickers.

Topped with a sweet chili sauce these butternut bacon potstickers were outstanding. I promise you can’t eat just one.

My brother-in-law thought they were delicious and gobbled them down. It wasn’t until he ate several that he realized what was inside. It’s a great way to eat your vegetables!

I typically enjoy making potstickers the traditional way, with pork and cabbage. But who says you have to be traditional.  I needed a way to use up that squash.

I think these dumplings would make a great appetizer for any party.  While they do take a bit of time folding all those wonton wrappers, the recipe has simple ingredients and is quite easy to make.

Wonton or potsticker wrappers should be readily available at your grocery store. Check the Asian food aisle first. I found mine in the refrigerated organic food section. What you don’t use you can freeze for later use.

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