Take The Weekend To Take Care Of You

Take The Weekend To Take Care Of You

Have you ever noticed that the weekends seem to disappear really quickly? This could be because you don’t take the time to slow down, relax, and enjoy yourself. Catching up with work and taking care of the house and family seem to become priorities. But it’s really important you give yourself some time to take care of you too. We’re all busy. And we can achieve a lot more when we’re refreshed, re-energized, and feeling good again.


The working week is often so busy that you don’t have time to eat well each day. A few snacks here, a visit to the vending machine there – it all adds up. While it may be tempting to phone for a take out delivery on a Saturday night, you should invest a little time in a really good quality home-cooked meal. Fill up on wholesome vegetables to give your body a boost of nutrients. Snack on some exotic fruits. Perhaps you can even treat yourself to fruit smoothie this Sunday morning?


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If you haven’t had a chance to fit in your usual workout this week, seize the opportunity this weekend. And the weekend is more flexible than a Tuesday night might be too. You can go and play football with the kids. Or maybe head to the trampoline park for some bouncy fun! There are far more options because your time is less restricted by office hours and school pick-up times. When was the last time you went swimming together?


Five-minute showers do little to relax us each morning. Don’t rush through your morning routine at the weekend. Instead, book some time in the bath, and give your skin and muscles a well-deserved soak. This offers a gentler, more natural way to cleanse the pores. And it does wonders for relieving all that tension in your back, legs, and shoulders. Go on – grab some candles, a good book, and relax.


Another thing we never have time for during the week is our health. Check-ups get put off or canceled because of that meeting or that presentation you have to do. And that nagging ache in your tooth will just have to wait for another week because you’re too busy to take a half day off work. Fortunately, there are plenty of medical professionals, like those at http://www.saturdaydentist.org that offer busy people like you a weekend appointment. No excuses – the last thing you need is a more serious health condition cropping up to eat up your precious time.


If you do have children, think back on the last time you spent quality time with them. Sure, you help with their homework. And you have a few minutes at the dinner table to catch up on their day. But what about a whole afternoon, one-on-one? You can go to a movie, hang out at the park, or maybe just sit and draw together. No phones, no emails – just the two of you. You can spend your quality time with your friend, your partner, or even a parent you haven’t seen for a while. Go on – enjoy some socializing in the real world.


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Switch Off To Switch On Your Creativity

Turning off the internet for a few hours might fill you with horror. But when you unplug, your mind is free to explore new possibilities. Creativity is about creating something. You might throw some ingredients in a pot to create a new meal tonight. Or you might grab that old guitar and make up a new tune. What about getting out a pencil and sketching pad and drawing something? Grab an old Polaroid camera and take a photograph of something beautiful. These things stimulate different areas of your brain that may have been neglected so far this week.


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A Treat

Taking care of yourself could include treating yourself to something nice. Maybe a little retail therapy? Perhaps a cocktail at your favorite bar? Why not a spa day? Treating yourself to something you really love, even a guilty pleasure, can be enormously beneficial to your overall health. This is because you’re letting yourself have a reward for the hard work you put in this week. You know you deserve it!

Taking care of you is about taking the time to acknowledge you are a priority too. Your body, your health, you mental and emotional well-being are all very important. Sometimes we’re just too busy to find the time to do that. But isn’t that what weekends should be for? Go on – take some time.

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