Think You Know When To Replace Your Doors? Read This And Think Again!

Think You Know When To Replace Your Doors? Read This And Think Again!

How many items in your home do you consider a necessity? You might think of the recent couch you just bought or some art you invested in for your kitchen. These are all important things that help to make a house a home. But, we often get so drawn in by fancy, decorative interiors that we forget that the inner workings of the home are just as important. Take doors, for example. Our doors are some of the most neglected parts of our homes, with most people only replacing them if they are damaged, or if they are undertaking a huge remodelling project. But why wait until then to change your doors? You might not know it yet, but it could help to transform your entire home.


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First impressions

We all know just how important first impressions are. Not one person among us can deny that when you walk up the driveway to someone’s property, you form an opinion of their home based simply on the exterior. If you have an old, unkempt front door, think about what this is going to say about your home. In this situation, it may be time to upgrade. Of course, if the door itself is still in good working condition, there may be no need at all to actually replace it. Sometimes, a good lick of paint will do just fine. But think about the kind of impression you want your house to give. Front doors now come in all different styles – some with glass panelling, some minimalist wooden styles, and some grand gothic ones too. Remember that whatever you go for will set the tone for the rest of the house, so choose wisely!

Let in the light

Many of us live in homes that don’t get enough light. Often this is simply due to them being unfortunately placed – but sometimes it is because the homeowner has not taken steps to create a sunlight-friendly home. If you are looking to get some more Vitamin D into your daily life, why not get some glass French doors installed? If you’re the kind of person who loves spending time out in their garden, they can add a fresh, modern touch to your backyard too. Contact a company such as Home Design Exteriors who will be able to carry out a consultation for you.


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Once you’re inside the house, take a look around at the doors you have in each room. Are they mismatched, or are they all made from the same material? Are any of them coming off their hinges, and do they have scratches or peeling paint? If you’ve answered yes to most of these, seize the opportunity and get an entirely new set of doors put in. If you’re going for a modern look, try smooth sanded beechwood, or glossy white with silver handles. Darker woods such as mahogany make for a more dramatic, traditional appearance. You will be surprised at how much more ‘pulled together’ your home will look once your internal doors are matching.

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