Pink Stuff

Pink Stuff

A quick and easy, fast 4-ingredient dessert salad or holiday side dish featuring cherry pie filling and pineapple as key flavors. Pink Stuff is sweet, light, and fluffy, it’s a great light dessert or refreshing fruity salad.

Pink stuff is a staple at every family get-together. Every holiday, every picnic, every occasion. My grandma particularly loves it. Whenever she stumbles upon this recipe, she get so excited and always says “Oh, I’m gonna make this for <insert next holiday here>!”

Pink stuff is essentially a base of Cool Whip and sweetened condensed milk, with various fruity mix-ins. It’s really light, fluffy, creamy, and fruity. The most notable ingredient is a can of cherry pie filling that gives it the lovely pink hue! We refer to this dish as a ‘salad’, but it’s really a dessert, in my opinion. A refreshing and light dessert!

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