5 natural painkillers you should know about

5 natural painkillers you should know about

If you suffer from chronic or recurring pain, you may not want to rely on pharmaceutical painkillers. These can have negative side effects, and you can also build up a tolerance for them over time, leading to lower efficacy. Natural painkillers are a much safer solution, and are often part of the foods we may already eat normally. Here are 5 you need to know about.


  1. Olive oil

Make sure that you go for extra virgin olive oil for the best quality. This is one of the things which is attributed to longevity in Mediterranean peoples! This oil has anti-inflammatory properties, just like ibuprofen, and can reduce pain as a result. It can’t cause blood clots or Alzheimer’s, either, unlike the chemical medication which has the same effect. It’s a fantastic long-term solution. You can use it when cooking, dip breads into it, or even simply take a small shot on a daily basis.

  1. Turmeric

In your spice rack you will find a natural remedy which is one of the best painkillers out there. This helps to fight inflammation too, and blocks pain receptors in your body. There are no known side effects (except from turning your hands yellow if you touch it directly!), and it has been scientifically proven to stop pain from rheumatoid arthritis. The recommended dose is to take 600mg three times a day. You can do this dissolved in water, as part of a dish such as a curry, or even in pill form if you do not want to cook with it.

  1. Blueberries

Not only are blueberries great at reducing pain, but they may also help to prevent it in the first place. They contain lots of antioxidants and will eliminate free radicals, which should help your digestive system run more smoothly. They can prevent ulcers, urinary tract infections (by around 60%), poor digestion, and help to reduce fluid retention or sugar in the blood. Eating one cup of blueberries a day is fantastic for your health and can particularly help diabetes patients. You can eat them as they are, or make them into a delicious smoothie with natural yoghurt.

  1. Grapes

Do you suffer from back pain? Try eating some grapes. The poor posture forced by office desks and television sessions causes a lot of pressure in the lumbar area, but grapes can increase the blood flow here and relieve the pain. Eat one cup of grapes a day to feel relief from pain in the back, neck, shoulder, or waist. This can also help with problems in the legs, which are often linked back to poor posture and back pain. Eating a bag of grapes is also a much better snack than most other options!

  1. Oats

Women who suffer from endometriosis or pain during menstruation should definitely consider having oats for breakfast. A cup of oats with milk makes a great porridge which can be combined with other foods like blueberries for a tasty start to the day. This gives you a huge boost of zinc and will reduce inflammation in the pelvic area, which is fantastic for all kinds of pain related to the female reproductive system. Oats are a versatile ingredient and can be included in homemade burgers, desserts, and even drinks.

The natural world offers up plenty of benefits that we should not ignore. Rather than going to the pharmacy to dose up, consider one of these options the next time you suffer from pain, and see how they can help you to feel much better without the use of chemicals.


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