Easy Pecan Pie Bars Recipe

Easy Pecan Pie Bars Recipe

These Pecan Pie Bars are easier to make and serve than traditional pecan pie. Perfect for holidays or an any time treat!

Since pecan pies are my favorite pie of all times, but I didn’t think I could make a good one, I decided to make some pecan pie bars instead. Now, bars are my thing. I can make those no problem. Dare I say I like bars more than cookies?

You guys, these bars are so good! They have a ooey gooey center just like pecan pie and a crust that’s crumbly and buttery. YUM! This recipe makes a big batch, so it’s perfect for Thanksgiving day, a potluck, or any time you want to feed a crowd.

I do wish I would have made some homemade whipped cream for these bars. A nice size dollop on each square would have been great. Don’t get me wrong, they taste perfect without it, but who can beat homemade whipped cream?? I hope you make these soon. You’re going to love them and have a stress-free pie eating day!

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