4 Benefits of Kids’ Play Tents

4 Benefits of Kids’ Play Tents


Every parent today probably remembers a time where they stretched a sheet between their dresser and their headboard to create a secret hideout or tent for themselves and their siblings. The ability to have an instant change in your surroundings was a guaranteed homerun on a rainy day, and a great go-to activity all throughout the year.

As the catalog of available children’s toys expands before our very eyes, it’s making room for a lot of innovative and creative options that were never available to us as kids. One of particular note is the ready-made kids teepee.

You remember how much fun you had playing in pretend tents, but what are the actual benefits of a teepee for kids?

A Place of Their Own

You will often hear overstressed and exhausted parents joking about just needing a little space. Believe it or not, kids sometimes need that too. But, since leaving them completely unsupervised is not always a great idea, especially when they are on the younger side, you may have to look into alternatives.

A a great solution could be a play teepee. It effectively blocks out the sensory overload and overstimulation that can sometimes stress kids out, and it gives them a safe and cozy environment to collect themselves.

Imaginative Play

Kids use their imaginations to help figure out the world around them, and fewer things spark imagination better than a secret hideout. The inside of the play tent could be a rocketship, a sailboat, an underground tunnel, or even a pretend grocery store.

While playing, kids get a chance to try out different roles. Whether they are pretending to be a teacher, a pirate, a unicorn, or a caterpillar the bottom line is that they are engaging in constructive thinking.

Motor Skill Development

For younger kids who may still be a bit unsteady on their feet, a play teepee offers them a play structure without any risk of falling. Kids can practice crouching, crawling and bending as they enter and exit the tent, and this can help build confidence in little ones who might still be a bit reluctant to take on the playground.

For the older kids, fine motor development can be practiced as well. Tying and untying the door flaps gives them practice with making bows and knots, and small adjustments to the structure can safely and easily be made by littler hands

Gaining Social Skills

Last but not least, kids engaging in imaginative play are also fine-tuning their social skills. When children play together in a tent, they are learning about cooperation, taking turns, listening, communicating, and planning activities. Because children feel more in control of their environment in a small play structure, you may find that shy kids are more willing to come out of their shell.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider picking up a play teepee for your little ones. Having a ready-made tent on hand can lead to a lot of happy days and big adventures.


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