Healthy Balsamic Chicken Skillet with Pomegranates and Feta

Healthy Balsamic Chicken Skillet with Pomegranates and Feta

This healthy balsamic chicken skillet has a ton of flavor from tangy balsamic vinegar, salty feta cheese and sweet pomegranates.  Not only that, but it’s packed full of veggies and ready in under 30 minutes!

Today’s healthy balsamic chicken skillet with pomegranates and feta is not only delicious, but also helps to fill half your plate with veggies (and fruits!)

I went off of this Easy Balsamic Chicken Skillet with Tomatoes & Tarragon recipe as a guide and swapped out the summery herbs and tomatoes for some green asparagus and zucchini, pomegranates and feta cheese.  I also made a version with butternut squash which was teeeerific.  I’ve included instructions for this option in the recipe card.

All together, this recipe only dirties ONE pot, and is ready in 30 minutes.  It is hands down your perfect week night dinner recipe.

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