Cranberry Orange Walnut Sweet Rolls

Cranberry Orange Walnut Sweet Rolls

Pillowy soft and squishy sweet rolls, filled with a tart, tangy, and sweet spread of cranberries, orange juice, and walnuts, drenched in fresh orange glaze! The most beautiful holiday brunch!

I made these Fig & Walnut Orange Cinnamon Rolls a few years ago, and they are incredible. To this day, that is still one of my favorite recipes on the blog. I made sort of a ‘quick jam’ by soaking the figs in orange juice, and then putting them in the food processor until smooth like a jam or spread. Those rolls were the inspiration for these Cranberry Orange Walnut Sweet Rolls.

Although there is a key difference – the Fig rolls were made with a no rise, no yeast dough, and these use a yeasted dough. I like both. A no yeast, no rise dough is really nice and convenient and quick. It’s still soft and flaky, but slightly more biscuit-like. The yeasted dough is definitely more fluffy and pillowy. However, as with all things yeast, it requires a bit more time. It’s idle time where you can do nothing, but it does take extra time so that it can rise.

Besides that, the fillings are similar. For these, I made a spread out of dried cranberries, orange juice and zest, walnuts, and brown sugar, and that’s what gets used as the filling! It’s crazy good! I suppose you could even use this spread on crackers or crostini or something! Or on a grilled cheese sandwich with melty brie or havarti!

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